About us

Plasinia embodies Mediterranean-inspired beauty, offering natural skincare and cosmetics meticulously crafted with medicinal herbs and infused with the pristine waters of the Gacka River. Drawing inspiration from Croatia's lush landscapes, each product is designed to reflect the serene beauty of its surroundings.

Dermatologist-approved, age-agnostic, and biocompatible, our formulations prioritize both efficacy and sustainability. Elegantly packaged using eco-luxury materials, Plasinia epitomizes the essence of holistic beauty.

Gacka river

Gacka: the crystal jewel

The Gacka River, teeming with life and natural beauty, guides our skincare philosophy—gentle, rejuvenating, and effective, mirroring Gacka's essence. Our products harmonize with the body's rhythms, enriching your daily routine with nature's vitality.

Plasinia collection

PLASINIA's Green path

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Plasinia, reflecting our dedication to not only nurturing the skin but also preserving the natural world that inspires our products. This choice symbolizes our effort to preserve nature and deepen our customers' connection to the Earth, embodying our belief that natural beauty extends beyond a mere passion; it's our way of life.

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