• Gacka river

    The foundation of all our products is sourced from one of the world's most stunning and pristine rivers, known for its mineral-rich waters and unparalleled purity.

  • Skincare for all

    Plasinia offers a universal skincare range for every gender and skin type—youthful, delicate, or mature, providing comprehensive care for all.

  • Dermatologist-approved

    We uphold the highest standards of safety and quality. We proudly display the esteemed certification from J.S. HAMILTON, assuring suitability for all skin types.

  • Eco-lux packaging

    Our packaging uses natural and renewable materials such as wood and glass, with accents of aluminum and silver foil for premium finishes.

Refreshing Skin Tonic

Age-agnostic beauty

Beauty transcends age, and it's our mission to celebrate and enhance your natural beauty at every stage of life. It's not about defying age, but embracing the journey and respecting the natural aging process.

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Pure ingredients. Pure beauty

Lika region
Face care

Face care

Revitalize your skin with Plasinia's holistic natural face care. From hydration to... 



Experience the power of natural rejuvenation with Plasinia. Our premium products renew... 

  • Black handmade icon


    We're all about quality over quantity. Every skincare product we offer is meticulously handcrafted, meeting the highest standards for natural beauty.

  • Black cruelty-free icon


    We believe in a brighter future where beauty isn't at the expense of our furry friends. That's why our products are crafted with care and compassion, ensuring every step is cruelty-free and ethical.

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